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Peach State Paving offers expert asphalt and concrete services in Lithonia, GA, a city renowned for its rich granite resources and vibrant community life. Positioned near Atlanta, Lithonia’s infrastructure needs are unique, requiring durable and well-maintained pavements that ensure safety and enhance the visual appeal of both residential and commercial properties. Our services are designed to meet these demands with precision and professional expertise, ensuring that every project from minor repairs to major installations achieves superior results.

Premier Asphalt Paving Services in Lithonia



Asphalt Paving

In Lithonia, our asphalt paving services are designed not only for functionality but also for resilience against the area’s dynamic weather, which can range from intense heat to heavy rainfall. Each project is approached with a focus on long-term durability and performance, especially important in high-traffic areas like Turner Hill Road and Main Street. We understand the need for robust paving that can handle both the daily wear from traffic and the occasional heavy loads, ensuring that businesses and homes maintain seamless access at all times.

Our asphalt paving process begins with a detailed site assessment, where we evaluate the soil conditions, drainage, and the expected load on the pavement. This information allows us to design a paving solution that maximizes durability and performance. Using advanced equipment and high-quality materials, our team ensures a smooth and even surface, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use and the challenges posed by Lithonia’s climate.

Asphalt Patching

Patching is more than just a fix; it’s a preventative strategy to ensure that minor issues don’t evolve into major liabilities. In Lithonia, we target areas prone to damage, such as entrances to schools and shopping centers, to maintain aesthetics and functionality. This service is not only crucial for safety but also for sustaining the community’s standards, preventing the escalation of damage which can be much costlier down the line.

Our asphalt patching process involves identifying and addressing the root causes of pavement damage. By using high-quality patching materials that blend seamlessly with the existing pavement, we restore its integrity and appearance. Our team works efficiently to minimize disruption, ensuring that Lithonia’s roads remain safe and functional. Whether it’s filling potholes, repairing cracks, or addressing more extensive damage, our asphalt patching services are designed to deliver long-lasting solutions.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Our sealcoating service in Lithonia does more than extend the life of asphalt surfaces; it also enhances their resilience against environmental and chemical damages. Applied regularly, sealcoating helps maintain the fresh look of pavements and is particularly valuable in community focal points like residential complexes in Park Central and bustling commercial districts. This treatment is a critical component in pavement conservation strategies, protecting investment and maintaining public satisfaction.

Sealcoating involves cleaning the pavement thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and any existing sealant. We then apply a high-quality sealant that provides a protective barrier against UV rays, water, and oils. This not only prevents damage but also reduces the likelihood of stains and chemical damage. The result is a pavement that looks fresh and new, with enhanced durability and longevity.

Asphalt Striping/Lining

Effective striping and lining are crucial in Lithonia, not just for compliance with safety standards but also for enhancing the efficiency of space usage in parking areas and roadways. Properly applied markings ensure organized traffic flow and reduce the potential for accidents. Our services cover everything from small retail parking lots to large municipal and school districts, where clarity and visibility of markings are imperative for safety.

Our striping and lining services include parking lot striping, road marking, and sports court striping. We use high-quality, reflective paints that provide excellent visibility both day and night. Our team ensures that all markings are precise and compliant with local regulations, enhancing safety and functionality. Whether it’s marking parking spaces, crosswalks, or directional arrows, our striping services help to organize traffic flow and improve overall safety.

Our approach to asphalt services in Lithonia emphasizes not only the functional needs—such as smoother commutes and enhanced public safety—but also the community’s aesthetic standards. By integrating high-performance materials with expert installation techniques, we ensure that areas such as Turner Hill Road remain not only operational but visually appealing, enhancing the overall driving experience for residents and visitors.

Concrete Driveways and Walkways

Our concrete driveways and walkways offer a blend of durability and visual appeal, making them a favored choice across Lithonia. Tailored to match the specific aesthetic and structural requirements of each property, these installations enhance the entrance to any building, contributing significantly to curb appeal and property value. The choice of materials and design reflect the unique character of each neighborhood, ensuring that every pathway not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the landscape.

We start by assessing the site and understanding the client’s vision. This allows us to create a design that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements. Our team uses high-quality concrete and advanced techniques to pour and finish the surfaces, ensuring a smooth and durable finish. We offer a range of design options, including different finishes, colors, and patterns, to create a unique look that complements the property’s overall design.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is particularly popular in Lithonia for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. This service allows residents to enjoy the appearance of more luxurious materials like stone or brick at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for patios, walkways, and more, our stamped concrete solutions are designed to be low maintenance and durable, capable of withstanding local weather conditions while offering unique aesthetic appeal.

Our stamped concrete process involves pouring and stamping the concrete with specially designed mats that create the desired pattern and texture. We offer a variety of patterns and colors to choose from, allowing homeowners to create a custom look that enhances their outdoor spaces. The result is a beautiful, durable surface that adds value and curb appeal to any property.

Concrete Slabs and Pads

In Lithonia, our concrete slabs and pads are essential for any construction project requiring a robust foundation. These installations are engineered to support structures ranging from simple sheds to complex commercial facilities. The quality of our concrete work ensures that each slab or pad provides the necessary stability and longevity, crucial in a region where the ground can be subject to various environmental stresses.

Our concrete slabs and pads are designed to meet the specific needs of each project, whether it’s a residential patio or a commercial foundation. We use high-quality materials and proven techniques to ensure that our installations provide a durable and dependable base for any structure. By working closely with builders and contractors, we ensure that the slabs and pads meet the specific requirements of each project.

Concrete Patios

Our concrete patios are custom-designed to enhance outdoor living spaces in Lithonia, combining functionality with style. These patios are built to endure, offering a perfect year-round outdoor space for entertainment or relaxation. With options for customization in color, finish, and design, our patios provide an ideal solution for anyone looking to extend their living space outdoors, adding both utility and aesthetic value to homes.

We work with homeowners to design patios that meet their specific needs and preferences. This includes selecting the right size, shape, and finish to complement the home’s architecture and landscape. Our team uses high-quality concrete and advanced finishing techniques to create patios that are both durable and attractive. Whether it’s a simple, functional patio or an elaborate outdoor living space, our concrete patios enhance the beauty and functionality of any home.

Community and Economic Impact

By improving infrastructure in Lithonia, Peach State Paving not only enhances individual properties but also contributes to broader community and economic benefits. Well-maintained roads and attractive public spaces can increase property values, attract business investments, and improve the overall quality of life. Our commitment to using sustainable materials and methods also aligns with community standards for environmental stewardship.

Investing in quality paving and concrete services can have a significant impact on the local economy. Improved infrastructure attracts new businesses, creates jobs, and boosts tourism. For residents, well-maintained roads and attractive public spaces contribute to a higher standard of living and greater community pride. Peach State Paving is proud to play a role in the ongoing development and prosperity of Lithonia.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Understanding that our job doesn’t end once the pavement is laid or the concrete is cured, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that all installations remain in top condition. This includes regular inspections and timely repairs, which help avoid larger issues and extend the lifespan of the infrastructure. Our proactive approach in places like Lithonia Market Square and residential neighborhoods ensures that our projects remain assets to the community rather than liabilities.

Our maintenance services include sealcoating, crack filling, patching, and re-striping. These services are designed to address issues before they become major problems, saving property owners time and money in the long run. By keeping pavements and concrete installations in excellent condition, we help maintain the safety, functionality, and appearance of Lithonia’s infrastructure.


 A: Yes, we offer comprehensive residential paving services, including asphalt paving, concrete driveways, and decorative stamped concrete.

A: We recommend sealcoating asphalt driveways every 2-3 years in Lithonia, depending on traffic and weather conditions, to protect and prolong the life of the pavement.

A: Absolutely! We offer a variety of patterns and colors for stamped concrete, allowing customization to match any architectural style or personal preference in Lithonia.

A: Asphalt striping organizes space efficiently, improves safety by defining parking spots and traffic lanes, and enhances the professional appearance of your business premises.

A: Concrete is highly durable, versatile, and requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for patios in Lithonia’s climate. It also offers various customization options to match your outdoor decor

Neighborhoods in Lithonia, GA with Zip Codes

  • Park Central (30058)
  • Turner Hill Road Area (30038)

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This comprehensive guide to our services at Peach State Paving is designed to address the specific needs of Lithonia, GA, ensuring that every project, big or small, is handled with the utmost professionalism and skill